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Posted on February 22, 2017 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (4)


Choosing the right wedding venue is one of the first things you may want to consider when planning your big day.

First you have to decide what kind of atmosphere and celebration you are planning on having. For example, is it casual, romantic, upscale etc?. Also it’s very important to have a realistic budget in mind.

Another great tip is knowing what geographical area you are planning to have your ceremony and reception. Keep in mind your guest may have to travel to attend your wedding. So an ideal location for your guest is encouraged.

Now that you have found the perfect location, it’s important to save the date with a deposited. Be sure your contract is very clear on what’s include at the venue. Some venue may offer packages and some may allow you to bring your own venders. Sometimes it may be a great idea to use the venues venders, because of the vender relationship that has been established, and you might be saving a lot of money in some cases.

Be sure to ask about the venue restrictions, parking, refund policies, as well as noise ordinances. Be prepared to build a solid relationship with the site coordinator. For example, recently I visited a preferred vender named Alex from Trinity Church. This particular venue was very intimate and not to mention the level of service I received. So it’s important to get to know your facility contact.

Communication with the site coordinator is also a key ingredient in when booking your preferred location. Even after you have secured your venue, hopefully months in advance you may want to stay In touch with the venue’s location coordinator.

If for any reason your schedule does not permit, it’s always helpful to solicit an Event Planner to handles all these important details for you.

For all you intimate wedding planning and marriage proposal needs please do not hesitate to contact us here at Fifth Avenue Event Services. Located in the heart of Palm Beach Florida.

Andrea Jackson; Staff writer/Author Sr. Event Planner


Posted on September 11, 2016 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Guide On How To Pop The Question


Guide to popping the questions


Popping the question is one of the best days of a chick’s life. But for the proposer it’s like playing a tuff video game trying to defeat the big boss, for example the ninja or the dragon. The game of question begins, is the ring big enough ?, simple proposal or ornate ?, gold ring or platinum ?, how much should I spend ?, should I surprise her ?. Rest a sure all of these are valid fears when facing the big popping the question dragon. Relax, will guide you along the way. Check out our blog on the ring purchasing guide.


Marriage proposal unfortunately does not have a reset button, so doing it in a memorable way is advised. Let’s assume you popped the question and she said yes, I bet, every single details will be the talk of the town, from the details of the flowers, the salad dressing, how your voice quivered and much more. This story will be told over and over again even to strangers and your future grands. She will put it on social media, blog about it, even Facebook. In some cases the marriage proposal is talked about more than the wedding itself.



Know the Rules of the Game


Like every good game, you must know the rules. In this case popping the question have a few rules. Have you court her enough to know, whether or not she will say yes. Pop the question only if you both are on the same forever together band wagon. If you are not sure whether she will say yes, maybe it’s time to get to know her a little bit better. That might just save the confusion, time and cash.



Choosing an Unsuspected Location


Some chicks can be nosy. If you never had dinner at the Four Seasons and now you are making it a big deal to have dinner there, and you are planning on wearing a tie, which you never wore anyway, hint: she will know the proposal is on the way. You must catch her of guard. How about taking her to the first place you kissed, or perhaps had your first date, or even at you regular restaurant or the beach. All of this can be plan by hiring a Proposal Planner to handle all the intricate details, setting up the picnic basket on the beach, buying the flowers, coordination with the restaurant, even capturing the moment, so both of you can have the memories for life. All you have to do is show up with your future forever love. For a small fee, just to be stress free, and you get all the credit. Smart moves, right?










What’s Her Style? Let’s personalized The Proposal


Are you planning a public marriage proposal? Or something reserved and romantic. If she loves entertaining, the life of the party, then that might be a good choice popping the question in front of 15,000 Steeler fans, she just might enjoy that, as well as a flash mob of dancing queens. On the other hand, if she enjoys romantic walks on the beach, loves nature, a nice quiet dinner, maybe we can plan something romantic and reserve. So get to know her style and let’s do the planning. As much as there are several ideas out there on how the propose, it may not be tailored to your future love likes and interest. First you must consider her own interest and tailored the proposal around what she enjoys and this will earn you lots of brownie points. So set mode. Ambiance is always one of the key factors.


Get On Your Knees Gentleman


As corny as this mays seems, maybe just a little, chivalry is not dead. Remember she’s had this vision playing in her head as long as she can remember. Please, do the right gentleman thing and get on your knees when popping the question. She will have all the bragging rights on how you did it. And not to mention mom and dad will be proud of you, because you were such a gentleman don’t forget to be confident, look her in the eye when you are expressing your love for her. Tell her how she would make you the happiest man alive by being your forever love.


Secure the Ring Please


This may be a no brainer, but you will be surprise, how many times some men come up with some bold creative ideas and the ring disappears. Ideas such as burring the ring in the sand, or stashing it in her favorite desert, the ring may end up as desert. There are so many other ways to be creative, we can help you explore them.




Have a Ring

There is nothing smells fowl than a marriage proposal with an IOU. If your budget is tight, consider starting a ring budget way in advance. In some cases, you may want to start a layaway plan. Can you imagine her telling her friends, she has just been ask one of the most important question of her life, and she has nothing to be excited about? I am sure you get how humiliating this may be, right?









Finally Practice and Relax


The big day have arrived. I am sure you have practice in the mirror for several months now. You know what you are going to say to your future love. Just don’t forget to wear an undershirt because you will be doing a lot of sweating. Take your time breath, and enjoy your moment. Now that is over, she will be trill to announce to the world how you are such a hero for pulling this off. If you are planning a marriage proposal. We can help plan a romantic proposal customized with both of you in mind. Please contact us at We are so excited to help plan your big day.

Staff Writer/Founder/ Sr. Wedding Planning Planner

Andrea Jackson

Fifth Avenue Event Services

Palm Beach, Florida

800-691-6208 Ext. 700

[email protected]


Posted on September 9, 2016 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)


So you are planning on popping the question really soon, or perhaps you are truly thinking about it, well congratulations. You have a lot of decisions ahead of you, and yes, we are so in love with love, we are here to help you along the way. Here are some of the things, you might consider.  What you need to do first, let’s start by choosing the gemstone.


The Gemstone

The most common classic engagement styles ring is usually a diamond in the center of the ring. Your soon to be fiancé may also want to go the unconventional way, by choosing the second most common gemstone, which is a sapphire. Its solely depends on your partners taste and style. Either one they chooses, I am sure it’s a safe choice.  When you decide on either the diamond, or the Sapphire, they are both ranked the hardest gemstones. According to the Mohs scale hardness, the diamond is ranked 10, and the Sapphires is ranked 9 on a scale of 1-10 mineral grading scale. Meaning they both can be subjects to everyday wear. If you are truly leaning towards size, the sapphires appears bigger and is budget friendly. The most command sapphire colors are deep blue, but surprisingly they also come in a variety of other colors.


The Shape of Your Gemstone

 Did you know, that 75 % of all diamond purchases are shaped round? It’s the most common choice of diamond today. Due to the fact that the round diamonds are the most popular, they can be the costly.  The princess and the cushion cut can save money, for the budget conscious client.  You can have major savings of 40% by choosing a shape other than a round diamond. It all depends on your future brides taste, as well as your budget. I say get to know her taste, you will be surprise what your partner loves. 


The Precious Metal

Here are the fabulous choices of medals to choose from.  Platinum is the most popular choice, but you also have a choice of white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. I hope you are not confused, because the choosing of the metal, is solely based on your future bride’s metal palette. . But if you are looking for something more durable, by all means platinum is certainly the winner, it can also cost about 50% more. Keep in mind white gold and platinum, looks similar. Your soon to be bride may appreciate either metal, just keep an eye on what she currently wears or just ask your partners bestie for advice.


What’s Your Partner’s Style?

Selecting your partner’s ring setting may be one of the hardest part of this happy occasion. Ask yourself, what do your partner like, is it more modest, vintage, modern, sleek, reserved, or dazzled with lots of diamond. Your partners style can lie in the style of furniture they like, the clothes they wear, are they glamorous, or natured focused or even classic reserved.  If you are planning a surprise engagement be sure to deal with a reputable dealer that can work with you, in terms of returns or exchanges for whatever your partner will adore forever. 

The Ring Budget

The budget can be the big elephant in the room. Typically they advise, 3 times of what your monthly income. When considering purchasing an engagement ring, it’s important to do what you feel is appropriate for your budget. After all its between you and your partner and your love for each other. Keep in mind there are several budget friendly options available as well, such as putting money away if you wish to start preparing early, as well as financing options. Starting a ring savings plan ahead of time, that my cut down on the added financial stress. Remember it’s a celebration of love, it should enjoyable.  

The Ring Size

The ring size hunt begins. This should not be so much fun. The most common ring size is between 6 and 7, or sometime a bit larger. The best way to determine your partners ring size, is to perhaps sneak a ring from the jewelry box, and take it to your jeweler, or take a piece of paper and trace the ring sized on it. Most reputable jeweler will work with you on resizing if needed.  If you are in doubt, be sure to buy a larger size, it’s just easier to resize, than buying a smaller ring.

 Congratulations, it’s time to have some fun and enjoy purchase the perfect engagement ring. Hope we have assist you in finding the perfect ring. Your partner will be elated.


 Don’t forget the 4Cs when purchasing jewelry: Carat weight, Color, Clarity and Cut. Now that your engagement is on the way. Your ring guide is posted above, happy shopping.  Fifth Avenue Event Services can assist you with popping the question. Yes, we do planning affordable unique wedding proposal. Visit us on Do something unique, you will have special memories for a lifetime.

Staff Writer /Founder / Sr Wedding Proposal Planner

Andrea Jackson

Fifth Avenue Event Services

Palm Beach, Florida

561-704-8293 Local

800-691- 6208 ext .700

[email protected]


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During an event , there is something to be said about all the excitement surrounding the event, for example the camera crew , photographers , cutting the cake, your first dance as a couple, doesn’t that create and exciting buzz ?  Just think about the memories you are about to create by capturing your moment.

Finding the perfect photographers to capture your spectacular event is so important.  A great photography crew that will not only capture the moment, but will give you that awesome photo that will show the world how beautiful and memorable your occasion was. You will want to have a great photograph that can document lifetime of memories.

Remember when choosing a photographer is very important to choose someone you would enjoy working with. A Hugh portion of your day will be spent with him or her capturing every moment, from getting dress until your party has ended. So be sure you both can get along.

Before you sign on the dotted line be sure to inquire about the photographer shooting style. There are many style of photography, for example

  • Portrait: that’s considered a still short purposefully posed.

  • Posed: like portraiture, this style is also planned, but with less strategic of placing people.

  • Candid Style: This style is spontaneous snapshots and can be lots of fun

  • Journalistic:  This styles is captured mostly for storytelling and presentations.


While there are different styles of photography, there are also many finishing as well?  So be sure your photographer explains to you the many finishing options. For example,

  • Glossy:  which is a smooth shinny coating on paper

  • Luster:  which is a smooth surface that is less reflective than glossy. The one is commonly used by photographers.

  • Matte: Which is a coated, and has no shine finish and also appears softer with less dullness.

  • Watercolor: which is a style of printing that makes a photo looks as if they were painted in watercolor.

When hiring a photographer don’t be afraid to ask as many question as you need to. You may want to know whether your pictures will be captured on digital or film. From my experienced it’s easier to manipulate photos on digital, for example, it’s easier to changes lighting, coloring, exposure, texture etc.  A good idea is to allow the photographer to allow your family to access your photo selection on line for purchasing options to add to your own memories album.

Having an engagement photo session with your photograph may be a great way to see his or her work before your big day, which will allow you to test the water. When choosing your photographer, be sure you know exactly what and whom you are getting. Some of the larger companies may hire, independent contractors to outsource their work, so be sure to inquire about the specify person you are going to have that day, and have that included in your contract.

Another great photo taking idea, is to place a few disposable cameras on your guest table, so your guest can also capture your moment.  You can do it in style by customizing it to match your table décor. To add a wonderful addition to your photo extravaganza, you can have your waiter bring them out on trays, like its being served.  Be sure to add a cute note asking your guest to take pictures. You can forward these disposal to your photographer to add to you photo album as well.

Remember it’s your day create your own buzz by hire the right professional to capture your moment. Someone that suits your style, you can have fun with, and will delivers a quality product you will be happy with for the rest of your life.

If you are planning a unique yet beautiful wedding occasion. We will be happy be a part of planning your special day.


Happy Planning,

Andrea Jackson

 Founder / Staff Writer / Sr. Wedding Planner

Fifth Avenue Event Services

Palm Beach, Florida

Office: 800- 691-6208 ext. 700

Direct: 561-704- 8293



Posted on August 10, 2016 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (2)


For the last week or so, he had noticed that everything was different, and he didn’t know why. The normal texts throughout the day, and phone calls, had all but ceased. He knew this was not a conventional situation, and that was fine with him, but he still couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. Who put such a premium on being conventional, anyway?

He had met her six years prior, and they were in very different situations, but they had remained friends, liking each other’s Facebook posts, and little daily greetings. For some reason, though, they had recently decided to take that next step, and make a connection. That’s what everyone is looking for, too, aren’t they, that connection.

From that point, they had certainly jibed, starting with a cellphone chat. He couldn’t believe how much they shared in common, and how similar their views were. Everything was going smoothly until this week, and he didn’t know why. Morning greetings went unanswered, and she was always occupied with business, or too exhausted to talk. They were both busy professionals, and time was at a premium, but she had always made time until recently.

To compound matters, there was the death of a close family friend, and a 24 hours stomach bug. I guess when it rains, it pours. A small distance separated them, so it was sometimes a week or two between visits, but he could sure use her company right now, and she wasn’t available. Something was definitely the matter, and he didn’t know what.

This girl was definitely different. That is what made her so special. She appreciated his cooking, and his corny sense of humor, that only his mom and four year old kids found funny. She also had the ability to make him feel like he was the only other person in the room, and that his opinion, and his ideas mattered, and had credence. His other tries at love had been disastrous, and that was why he focused so hard on work and parenthood. Fill your life with the things your good at, and distract yourself from facing your emotions. In typical man fashion, he just sucked it up. She had awoken something in him, though, that hadn’t stirred in a long time. It was refreshing, and quite frightening, at the same time. He had started to feel alive again, and not like an emotionless zombie. Other women in his life had only worried about what he could offer, but she was interested in what kind of man he was. He had marketed himself as an honest, hardworking, single father, and she was interested in what he was selling. In his words, he characterized himself as a nerd in the body of a linebacker, and so far few people had corrected that analogy.

On his last visit with her, while cooking, she had accidentally uttered that she loved him. Instantly, he could tell that she wanted to take the words back. He took her in his arms, gave her a big bear hug, and reassured her comfortingly, telling that his hearing was not what it used to be, and that he wasn’t sure what she had said. He wanted to utter the same words right back, but the word had been used as a pointed weapon so many times against him that it was just too frightening. A simple little four letter word was backing down the man who prided himself on being so tough. He could tell, too, that she was struggling with her feelings, and seemed to be just as frightened as him.

The next morning, though, she awoke with a new countenance, and a peaceful attitude about him, and what seemed to be about life. How could someone be so beautiful right upon waking? Years of night shifts had not made him a morning person. She showered him with kisses, and he could tell her emotional walls had seemed to crumble like Jericho’s. Surreally, it seemed like the last couple of months had built up to this moment. They were finally to know each other in the biblical sense. He was excited, but a little nervous, and very out of practice. He was also on a time crunch, and sadly had to walk out of the door soon afterward, leaving her alone to wrestle with her emotions alone. She saw him off with a fresh cup of oatmeal and coffee, and off he went to live his other life as a father and a professional. He made sure to put a card in the mail expressing his gratitude to her for the beautiful thing they had shared, and expressing his emotions for her loving him, despite his many flaws.

Something had changed this week, though. There had barely been any phone calls, and they had not video chatted in at least a week. He recounted in his head what he had said or done. There was nothing that stood out that he had done differently. He was training a new employee at work, which put demands on his time, and school was starting back, so his daughter demanded more time.

Then came the friend’s death. It was like a punch to the gut that drains all the energy from your body. He knew he had to speak to her, and she finally agreed to chat with him. It was refreshing to see her face again. Her laugh was starting to return, along with her smile, and her reassuring way. He had intended to wait until they were together, in person, but he couldn’t wait any longer. Out came three little words, ‘I love you’. With that came a Pandora’s Box of other emotions which he was not quite ready to deal with, but a catharsis also came over him. This changed everything. He knew things would never be the same between them, but that seemed like a good thing.


Lesson learned

Tomorrow is not promised to us. Love is one of the most powerful words in the English Dictionary, and telling someone you love them can be one of the most frightening things you can do. What’s also frightening, though, is her living an eternity without ever knowing how you feel. If you love her, tell her. You will be glad you did.

If you are planning on getting hitched. Please consider us. We would love to plan your love storybook.

Guest Writer,

Hank Arnold

Fifth Avenue Event Services

Palm Beach ,Florida

Office :800-691-6207 ext. 700

Direct :561-704-8293


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It was a whole week of contemplating the break up. He had a long week, the death of his friend, the distance between us, the lack of companionship we shared, I was sure it was over. He felt it in his spirit. He requested to talk. After all, he is extremely intelligent and intuitive, he has always felt things that I was feeling, most of the times. I often wonder how that is possible without a deep connection. My first thought was to fix the pain by breaking up with him, but I realize my pain had nothing to do with the way he has been treating me. He always treated me well. The endless phone calls throughout the day, his text how he misses me, he brings me flowers, he cooks for me, but I guess that was not enough for me. I guess a part of me felt a bit bold to have initiated our first intimate moment together. I was beginning to regret my actions. In my mind, it was supposed to be his job to initiate our first time being intimate. I kept replaying it in my mind over and over again, I just wanted him to love and want me as much as I loved and wanted him. We have had so many deep conversations about wanting to be loved, waiting until our relationship was more committed to cross that bridge, waiting until the right moment. I loved the fact we had the same values. Although I felt it was the right moment, but something inside me felt it was not supposed to be this way. The fact that I wanted him to love me the way I loved him before we sealed the deal.

About 3 weeks prior, that morning I woke up, I knew he had to be back in his home town, and it would be a few minutes before he took off. I had just woken up, to the sweet sound of his voice, good morning beautiful. He always reminded me, how beautiful I was, he always say it every day since we have been together. I love that about him, and it flows out of his mouth naturally. I felt the connection. I knew I loved him, but I could not express it, especially not knowing how he felt about me.

We knew each other since 2006, we both had other lives, to put it mildly. After a long separation, we were back in each other’s lives. That morning I kissed him, he kissed me back, his hugh tender hands rubbed against my back, down to my thighs. He is a six feet giant, but yet so gentle, he kissed every part of my body, I just knew it was right, so I went for it. He has good genes, it would have been perfect for a bareback ride, but there only two things that could have happened if I had taken a chance, one, a miracle from God and two, some unwanted other things, perhaps. I know he was clean, I didn’t mind the first part at all, and I always wanted another bundle of joy. I wanted to take that bareback ride, but I did the right thing by shielding the moment.

That morning, everything seemed rushed, it all happened so fast. He had to head back home. I knew I loved him. I don’t know why I gave in to my emotions, but I did. I didn’t know how he felt about me. Maybe he loved me to, but perhaps has a different way of showing it. He often talked about how he expresses his love through cooking. He loves to cook for me, he checks up on me throughout the day. He often talked about how he enjoys cooking for other people too, so that may have increased my insecurities towards him. The doubt on whether he love me or not become so apparent. I felt his cooking for other people was an everyday thing, he does for all his friends, including me. I looked at his cooking as a hobby he enjoyed doing. He repeatedly tells me how he enjoys taking care of people by cooking for them, so I thought oh well, just cooking for me was not that special because everyone gets a taste of his cooking.

That morning he left, I knew I would not see him again for a while, perhaps a few weeks, or perhaps longer. Nothing had not changed since we made love. He continued to communicate with me, but for some reason I felt a major disconnect, not on his part, but on my part. I really had to search deep inside to find out the reason behind the disconnect. I guess a part of me wanted so much, not just to love him, but to fall in love with him, and him to me. So that night we chat as usual, he felt there was something wrong, so he bluntly said” I love you “. In my mind, I said ooh no, this isn’t how I imagine him telling me he loved me, for the very first time. I still think he sense what was perhaps the end of our relationship, and he made a decision to say those words with no meaning attached to it, this was what I kept thinking during our indebted conversation, I was hoping I was wrong. Then he say to me “you know what babe I love you “. He say it again, I was shocked, and I never expected to hear these words from him, not so soon anyway. Although I wanted to hear it, but I could not accept it. I realized he loved me all along. Love was right in front of me, the entire time, but he revealed it in his own love language.

It became so apparent to me, we all are looking to be loved. How it may be expressed, may not be the way we expect it. People do have different ways of expressing their love for each other, some through acts of service, like my big bear, some through giving gifts, like myself, some through writing letters. I hope you have found your love language.

Lesson learned

His love language was act of service, mine is gift giving and saying it out loud. So I expected the saying out loud from him. Find yours, I know it’s there. If you have found the love of your life and are planning on getting hitched, we can help to create your very own love story. If you do have a Bridal Confession, please share it with us. We would love to hear from you or send us an email just to say hello.


Happy Planning,

Staff Writer/ Founder/ Sr. Wedding Planning Planner

Andrea Jackson

Fifth Avenue Event Services

Palm Beach, Florida

800-691-6208 ext. 700

[email protected]



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 Congratulation on your engagement, now what? There are loads of things to put together , lots of people talk to, what colors to choose, what photograph, what baker , what DJ, and this list goes on and on. Would it be nice to find a place that offers you a one stop shop for your big day, including everything you need for your special day. You have come to the right place.  How do you know which all-inclusive wedding package to choose, the venue, the catering, the drinks, the menu, if you are not an expert in the area, it may be a bit confusing. We can help you decide.

In Palm Beach, there are so many vendor interviews to conduct, and so many decisions to make when planning a wedding. Many venues will have pre-set all-inclusive wedding packages for you to choose from which a great is starting point! It can be overwhelming and intimidating, not to mention costly, to walk into a place that simply rents you the space and leaves the rest in your hands. This is the reason our team here at Fifth Avenue Events have made it very simple for you, by putting together an all-inclusive packages, where one stop wedding shop has gain popularity. We’ve given you so many benefits as to why selecting an all-inclusive package is the way to go, but how do you decide on which package to choose?

Chances are, if you are choosing an all-inclusive package, the venue you are working with will have the basics – tables, chairs, basic linens, etc. This will help you keep your budget way down, because it will save on rental fees. Take time to evaluate what you will be needing in terms of services. If you have an aunt who just so happens to be an award-winning cake baker, you may want to use her services. But if you aren’t related to the Boss of cake, maybe you would like to lump this service in with an all-inclusive package. As the package tiers go up, so should the service options.



All-inclusive packages are great, it takes away the daunting task of individual vendor searches. In most cases you will still receive an all-inclusive package, but you will still have lots of other choices and decision to make. For example, some packages will come with baker to design and bake your cake, but your venue may have three great bakers to choose from, why not explore these options, just to compare the quality of work you are expecting, in terms of the best out there. The benefit of having an all-inclusive package, is that the work has already been done for you.  We have something called our “Preferred Venders List “Meaning these venders have proven themselves in this industry and have worked side by side with our company to get such high recognition.



When choosing an all-inclusive package, consider the cost factor as well. It is one of the most affordable ways to go while planning your big day.  When you are deciding which package to choose from, weigh the cost options. Try to get as much as you can, but make sure it is within your budget, you can also add or eliminate things that are not important to you, especially if you are on a tight budget.



When deciding on which package to choose from, look closely at the food and beverage options. Some bar options will allow for different setups, for instance, beer and wine only, which can save you lots of money in the long run. Keep in mind, if you are inviting family and friends who enjoy lots of mix drinks, such as whiskey and vodka, you may what to consider other options. Also keep in mind it’s your budget so don’t get into this crowd please habits, unless you have the money to splurge. Just ask lots of questions in reference to your options. Buffet tends to be the first thought when it comes to saving money, but often times upscale venues will not want to leave buffet trays empty and will end up ordering much more food than needed to keep the buffet looking presentable. In some cases buffet is the best way to go. A well put together all-inclusive package will offer a range of food options to suit your dining and budget needs.


 I know this can be a very stressful time but can also be a very simple decision as well. Our best advice is to take your time to review each package thoroughly before making your decision.

 At this point, you’ve likely reserved your date, it’s just time to put your package together. Be honest with your wedding planner in reference to your budget, and what your expectations are. That what we do, we are the expert, we are here to guide you along the way through this wonderful journey.

Don’t be afraid to ask your wedding planner, if they can create a custom package, just for you. If the package that is being offered has something included in which you have no need for that particular items, you can certainly ask to swap it for another service item. In some cases it might be possible.

Need our help to plan your big day?  Please contact us, we will be trill to meet with you. We can set up a no obligation complimentary interview to help you decide which full service package is best for you.


Happy Planning,

Staff Writer/ Founder/ Sr. Wedding Planner

Andrea Jackson

Fifth Avenue Event Services

 Palm Beach, Florida

800-691-6208 ext. 700

[email protected]


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The average cost of a wedding is over 25 thousand dollars depending on where you live.  That can be a huge number for brides on a tight budget. There are several ways you can celebrate your love for each other without breaking the bank. One way is to elope in an intimate way.

                                                       JUSTICE OF THE PEACE OR AN INTIMATE VENUE

The courthouse use to be the traditional way to elope, especially when you are on a tight budget. Although the justice of the peace does serves its purpose, it’s nice to know you can still elope in an affordable and intimate way, by simply finding a planner that specializes in the kind of wedding you are looking for, whether it’s a small intimate wedding on the beach, at your home or in the park, restaurant etc. . They are several hidden gems venue we work with here at Fifth Avenue Wedding Services, which can provide you with a small intimate wedding of your dreams.  Your wedding can also be customized to your theme, without spending an arm and a leg.  

A huge portion of your budget can be consumed by the number of guest you invite. Must venues and venders may charge you a dollar amount per head.  If you are going for the simply intimate wedding you can begin by just inviting the people that are most meaningful and closest in your life. For example your mom, dad, brother, sister, best friend, etc.… can be included. I am sure the various people will understand that you are a budget conscious bride, and certainly will not take it personal. You can certainly enjoy a beautiful intimate wedding for up to 25 of your closes family and friends and stay within a small budget. The best way to stay on budget is by purchasing a package that best fits your budget and start from there. Having a planner that is passionate about your needs is also important. If your planner is passionate about what he or she does that’s a good sign that you are in good hands and your needs will be met.

Remember it’s about you and your partner. After your wedding day, it’s the beginning of a new chapter of your life. Why not begin without the financial burden of a huge wedding bill. Investing in purchasing a home, save for your kids’ education, or perhaps go on a very nice honeymoon instead. For more information about intimate wedding please visit us at

At Fifth Avenue Wedding Services, we specializes in intimate elopement and intimate Marriage Proposal. Please take a look at our Intimate Wedding packages.


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