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Posted on August 16, 2016 at 8:00 PM


During an event , there is something to be said about all the excitement surrounding the event, for example the camera crew , photographers , cutting the cake, your first dance as a couple, doesn’t that create and exciting buzz ?  Just think about the memories you are about to create by capturing your moment.

Finding the perfect photographers to capture your spectacular event is so important.  A great photography crew that will not only capture the moment, but will give you that awesome photo that will show the world how beautiful and memorable your occasion was. You will want to have a great photograph that can document lifetime of memories.

Remember when choosing a photographer is very important to choose someone you would enjoy working with. A Hugh portion of your day will be spent with him or her capturing every moment, from getting dress until your party has ended. So be sure you both can get along.

Before you sign on the dotted line be sure to inquire about the photographer shooting style. There are many style of photography, for example

  • Portrait: that’s considered a still short purposefully posed.

  • Posed: like portraiture, this style is also planned, but with less strategic of placing people.

  • Candid Style: This style is spontaneous snapshots and can be lots of fun

  • Journalistic:  This styles is captured mostly for storytelling and presentations.


While there are different styles of photography, there are also many finishing as well?  So be sure your photographer explains to you the many finishing options. For example,

  • Glossy:  which is a smooth shinny coating on paper

  • Luster:  which is a smooth surface that is less reflective than glossy. The one is commonly used by photographers.

  • Matte: Which is a coated, and has no shine finish and also appears softer with less dullness.

  • Watercolor: which is a style of printing that makes a photo looks as if they were painted in watercolor.

When hiring a photographer don’t be afraid to ask as many question as you need to. You may want to know whether your pictures will be captured on digital or film. From my experienced it’s easier to manipulate photos on digital, for example, it’s easier to changes lighting, coloring, exposure, texture etc.  A good idea is to allow the photographer to allow your family to access your photo selection on line for purchasing options to add to your own memories album.

Having an engagement photo session with your photograph may be a great way to see his or her work before your big day, which will allow you to test the water. When choosing your photographer, be sure you know exactly what and whom you are getting. Some of the larger companies may hire, independent contractors to outsource their work, so be sure to inquire about the specify person you are going to have that day, and have that included in your contract.

Another great photo taking idea, is to place a few disposable cameras on your guest table, so your guest can also capture your moment.  You can do it in style by customizing it to match your table décor. To add a wonderful addition to your photo extravaganza, you can have your waiter bring them out on trays, like its being served.  Be sure to add a cute note asking your guest to take pictures. You can forward these disposal to your photographer to add to you photo album as well.

Remember it’s your day create your own buzz by hire the right professional to capture your moment. Someone that suits your style, you can have fun with, and will delivers a quality product you will be happy with for the rest of your life.

If you are planning a unique yet beautiful wedding occasion. We will be happy be a part of planning your special day.


Happy Planning,

Andrea Jackson

 Founder / Staff Writer / Sr. Wedding Planner

Fifth Avenue Event Services

Palm Beach, Florida

Office: 800- 691-6208 ext. 700

Direct: 561-704- 8293


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