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Posted on September 11, 2016 at 12:55 AM

Guide On How To Pop The Question


Guide to popping the questions


Popping the question is one of the best days of a chick’s life. But for the proposer it’s like playing a tuff video game trying to defeat the big boss, for example the ninja or the dragon. The game of question begins, is the ring big enough ?, simple proposal or ornate ?, gold ring or platinum ?, how much should I spend ?, should I surprise her ?. Rest a sure all of these are valid fears when facing the big popping the question dragon. Relax, will guide you along the way. Check out our blog on the ring purchasing guide.


Marriage proposal unfortunately does not have a reset button, so doing it in a memorable way is advised. Let’s assume you popped the question and she said yes, I bet, every single details will be the talk of the town, from the details of the flowers, the salad dressing, how your voice quivered and much more. This story will be told over and over again even to strangers and your future grands. She will put it on social media, blog about it, even Facebook. In some cases the marriage proposal is talked about more than the wedding itself.



Know the Rules of the Game


Like every good game, you must know the rules. In this case popping the question have a few rules. Have you court her enough to know, whether or not she will say yes. Pop the question only if you both are on the same forever together band wagon. If you are not sure whether she will say yes, maybe it’s time to get to know her a little bit better. That might just save the confusion, time and cash.



Choosing an Unsuspected Location


Some chicks can be nosy. If you never had dinner at the Four Seasons and now you are making it a big deal to have dinner there, and you are planning on wearing a tie, which you never wore anyway, hint: she will know the proposal is on the way. You must catch her of guard. How about taking her to the first place you kissed, or perhaps had your first date, or even at you regular restaurant or the beach. All of this can be plan by hiring a Proposal Planner to handle all the intricate details, setting up the picnic basket on the beach, buying the flowers, coordination with the restaurant, even capturing the moment, so both of you can have the memories for life. All you have to do is show up with your future forever love. For a small fee, just to be stress free, and you get all the credit. Smart moves, right?










What’s Her Style? Let’s personalized The Proposal


Are you planning a public marriage proposal? Or something reserved and romantic. If she loves entertaining, the life of the party, then that might be a good choice popping the question in front of 15,000 Steeler fans, she just might enjoy that, as well as a flash mob of dancing queens. On the other hand, if she enjoys romantic walks on the beach, loves nature, a nice quiet dinner, maybe we can plan something romantic and reserve. So get to know her style and let’s do the planning. As much as there are several ideas out there on how the propose, it may not be tailored to your future love likes and interest. First you must consider her own interest and tailored the proposal around what she enjoys and this will earn you lots of brownie points. So set mode. Ambiance is always one of the key factors.


Get On Your Knees Gentleman


As corny as this mays seems, maybe just a little, chivalry is not dead. Remember she’s had this vision playing in her head as long as she can remember. Please, do the right gentleman thing and get on your knees when popping the question. She will have all the bragging rights on how you did it. And not to mention mom and dad will be proud of you, because you were such a gentleman don’t forget to be confident, look her in the eye when you are expressing your love for her. Tell her how she would make you the happiest man alive by being your forever love.


Secure the Ring Please


This may be a no brainer, but you will be surprise, how many times some men come up with some bold creative ideas and the ring disappears. Ideas such as burring the ring in the sand, or stashing it in her favorite desert, the ring may end up as desert. There are so many other ways to be creative, we can help you explore them.




Have a Ring

There is nothing smells fowl than a marriage proposal with an IOU. If your budget is tight, consider starting a ring budget way in advance. In some cases, you may want to start a layaway plan. Can you imagine her telling her friends, she has just been ask one of the most important question of her life, and she has nothing to be excited about? I am sure you get how humiliating this may be, right?









Finally Practice and Relax


The big day have arrived. I am sure you have practice in the mirror for several months now. You know what you are going to say to your future love. Just don’t forget to wear an undershirt because you will be doing a lot of sweating. Take your time breath, and enjoy your moment. Now that is over, she will be trill to announce to the world how you are such a hero for pulling this off. If you are planning a marriage proposal. We can help plan a romantic proposal customized with both of you in mind. Please contact us at We are so excited to help plan your big day.

Staff Writer/Founder/ Sr. Wedding Planning Planner

Andrea Jackson

Fifth Avenue Event Services

Palm Beach, Florida

800-691-6208 Ext. 700

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