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Pop- Up Wedding

The Simple Way To Express Your Love

Here Are Our Pop- Up Wedding Up Coming Events.  If you are planning on taking part in this wonderful Get Hitched event . You must pick your dates . We are only selecting 10 couples at a time. Once you save the date with us, you are in. Get ready to have some fun, First you get hitched, then you sip and enjoy. You are welcome to invite 10 of your inner circle peeps or just bring your lovely self with you and your partner. Plus you save lots of doe. its only $500 deposit to save your date..

Hitched - Sip - Fete


Event Venue: Bill Baggs Park

Event date : June, 10th .2017

Event Time : From 9am to 4;30pm

 Bill Baggs Beach Park ..Key Biscayne, Florida

All day fabulous event. Just book your spot and just show up looking fabulous.

You and 10 guest get to enjoy 1 and a half hour of wedding bliss ,food, fun and drinks.

Call us to book your spot and more details.

Enter To Win A Free Pop - Up Wedding. Tell Use Your Love Story, From The Beginning To The End . And Why We Should Choose You . Send your emails to us , including all your contact info.  Attn[email protected] . Winner will be getting hitched on June 10 2017.