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  Welcome To Month Of  Wedding Coordination Or  A Day Of Personal Assistant


Congratulations , You have done all the work, now its time we take it  to the finish line!,  This is perfect for you, because you have done all your venders bookings, tastings,  site visits, contracts negotiation ,bookings.....etc... and you just need someone to oversee everything prior to your big day as well of on your special day. Many brides and grooms find this service to be extremely helpful. Its like having your own personal concierge for the day.  Don't worry you are in good hands, we love what we do, and we have done it over and over again . We promise, you are in the right place, we love, love , love what we do.....we do not  work a day in our lives because we are doing what we love.

 Happy  Love Planning !

Month Of Coordination

You have done all the work. You have booked the venders, booked the venue, did all the tasting and more. Now you need someone to oversee the entire day. We begin this service a month of your big day .  We are looking forward to working with you.

Day Of Bridal Party Asst.

Its your special day and your entire wedding party is so busy getting dress and oops, you need something, who are you going to call. Ooh yes , your bridle party Personal Assistant. This is just like having your own concierge service at your fingers tip. We are looking forward to working with you.

Concierge Service

Our Concierge service is a unique  service  tailored to our VIP Wedding Intimate Wedding Inclusive Packages Planning service.  With

 this membership , you are able to secure your wedding date, we can make all your out of town guest preparations, accommodation  and recommendation and much more . We look forward to working with you.