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Why should I  Elope ?

You can save loads of money. You can use your money to purchase a beautiful home, you can use your money to pay for college , you can go on a fab honeymoon, its less stress. You don't have to go to the court house. Its more fun eloping in a unique place. Not to mentions the fun memories.

 Why Should I Have A big Wedding:

Because you have the budget to afford it  and your don't mind the long planning process. Not mention you always wanted a big wedding and you were able to save up for it.

Do I need  Marriage license to get married legally.

Yes you do need a marriage license in order to get married legally. For a civil union no you do not need a marriage license. For non Florida residence we can assist with your license for a additional fee.

Why should we hire you?

We know you will save lots of money and still have an intimate occasion .  We make it fun and all about you. We know how to make your special day  sparkle and unique. We are passionate about what we do, down to every detail. And not to mention we have relations with our venders which will pass along great savings to you. Also we are the expert, we know how to plan for your big day.  So relax  just leave all the details to us.

What is the first thing I need to do :

You have decided which service you are interested in. Whether its the Marriage Proposal Package, Wedding/Elope Package, congrats you are almost there. Now its time to save your date . You simple click the purchase or buy button to put down deposit required. After your purchase we get to chat and leave the rest to us. Its that simple. If you are not sure what package is best for you please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help. Lets get married!


When do you start planning :

 Once your date have been chosen . We start the planning process. We include you every step of the way . We will give some options and then the beauty unfolds. Its your day you can dress how you like make it as fun and unique as you like.


How much do I need to save the date:

In order to save you big day date a deposit is required. A $500 deposit is required for Wedding and Elopement. For Marriage Proposal it depends on the package you choose , deposit range from $300 to $500 or you can purchase our simple package for $297.