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Pop- Up Weddings...A Simply Yet Unique Way To Celebrate Your Love

We are so excited you decided to save a bunch of money and have a unique wedding that is meaningful to you and your partner. Eloping has now taken a whole new level. There are several fun and great ways to express your love by doing it your way, but still incorporating some traditional values. Why not try a pop- up wedding. Pop- Up weddings are design to save you lots of money, catered at different fun places with fun themes. Traditional wedding has a longer planning process, more stress, endless guest list, out of control budget and then some. Wouldn’t be nice to grab some of your closest inner circle peeps and celebrate your love for each other without all the fuss. Once you get hitched your way, here what you can do with all the doe you saved, go on a fabulous honeymoon, buy a nice home, safe for retired, save for your kids’ college or keep an eye on it just sitting in the bank.  Congratulations on seeing the money savings vision. So welcome to the FAE family and let the fun and savings begin.   Go ahead ..lets get to know your style, and all you need to do is show up with your partner, marriage certificate in hand and your new life begins. These packages includes you and 10 of your closest peeps, 90 minutes of bliss, props, sips , bites and flowers  and pics..... starting at $1500 and up .

City Chic

This package is for the City Chic Lovers. This venue in the heart of the city , luxurious roof top or some hidden chic venue.

Island Spice

The is one of our favorite , water and beach lovers, Getting hitch by the ocean is so amazing.

Be Bold

Your can create your memories by going back to where it all started. Did you meet at wholefoods, and ice cream shop, Wendy or at your favorite club.


I see you and your lover eloping over a beautiful view of the lake and taking off in a horse carriage.


Do you enjoy diving , swimming or even boating . Get hitched doing something fun and different .

Andrea Gannon Designs

This is a fun a fun and awesome way to get hitched at our weekly locations styled by our very whom stylist and founders. Its a fun and different theme each week. Surprise !!

 Country Chic

Take a stroll  in a beautiful lush garden , taking in all the wonderful smalls.

Indian Chic

Imaging lots of beautiful colors , lots of pillows , so your peeps can witness you big day.

Pop- Up Event

This   is special. One big event , you choose your time slot and show up with your partner  to get hitched .  You never know where we are going to show up. Check out our event page for our next big Pop - Up Wedding event.